Iranian Fury Over Israeli Fruit

Oranges labeled as Israeli caused a scare in Tehran as officials believed someone had illegally imported from the enemy.

Israel News Staff ,

Israeli oranges
Israeli oranges
Israel News Photo: Flash 90

Oranges labeled as being from Israel caused a stir in Iran recently when they were discovered in markets in and around the capital city of Tehran. The alleged presence of the "Israeli" fruit was revealed by an Iranian news agency.

The fruit, an orange-grapefruit hybrid, was labeled “Jaffa Sweetie Israel PO.”

Imports from Israel are strictly forbidden in Iran. Iranian customs agents expressed surprise that a vendor would risk the penalty of breaking the ban simply to import oranges.

Outlets at which the fruits were sold were shut down as Iranian officials hurried to assure the public that no fruit had been imported from Israel through legal channels.

Shortly after the uproar began, it ended, with the realization that the fruits were not Israeli, but rather, were deceptively labeled as such. Officials discovered that the fruit had been imported from China, while Israeli officials confirmed that the fruit had not been sent from Israel.

The fruits were apparently falsely labeled in an attempt to appeal to fans of Israeli citrus in Japan and South Korea.