Four Cups of Blood? Hamas 'Celebrates' Passover with Libel

Hamas actors told Arabs in Gaza that Jews thrive on drinking Muslim blood. The skit was staged one week before Passover, when Jews drink red wine.

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Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu,

Four cups of  wine for Passover
Four cups of wine for Passover
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Hamas actors, several days before the Passover holiday, performed in Gaza its version of an old blood libel against Jews, who previously have been accused of using Christian blood to drink and to make matzo, the unleavened bread eaten on the Passover holiday.

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The latest version of the libel, translated by Palestinian Media Watch, taught an audience at the Islamic University in Gaza that Jews like to kill Muslims and use their blood for washing hands before prayer and for drinking.

The skit features a father and son in traditional Jewish clothing and discussing their alleged hatred of Muslims.

"We Jews hate the Muslims; we want to kill the Muslims; we Jews want to drink the blood of Muslims," the father tells the son on stage. "We have to wash our hands with the blood of Muslims."

The "father" then turns to the audience and asked, "Are you Muslims and Arabs?" After receiving a positive response, he states, "I hate you, to please God."

The "son," named Shimon, assures his father that he will carry out his commands in the name of the Almighty. After being instructed to hate Muslims and drink their blood "to please the Almighty," Shimon tells his father he will return after washing himself before praying.

The startled father replies, "Muslims [do that], not us."

The son answers he is going "to cleanse my body. You said you want us to pray." His father concludes, "We have to wash our hands with the blood."