World’s Largest Kosher Matzah

The world’s largest halachically-produced matzah is on display in a matzah factory in Ashdod. Its diameter is 4.2 meters.

Gil Ronen ,

The monster matzah.
The monster matzah.
Israel National News photo / Matzot Orenstein

The “Matzot Irenstein” matzah factory in the port city of Ashdod claims it has produced the largest kosher matzah on earth. The matzah measures 4.2 meters (almost 14 feet) across and is on display in the factory’s visitor center.

According to Aryeh Goldberg, who runs the visitor center, the plant’s manager came up with idea of baking the matzah as a means of raising the employees’ morale during the Cast Lead military operation in Gaza.

The baking of the mega-matzah required special arrangements. Twelve employees, in six pairs, kneaded the dough, and four others were in charge of making the holes in the matzah.

Making holes in the center of the matzah posed a particular challenge, and the hole-makers used rappelling equipment to reach the center of the matzah.

Giant burners were used to bake the matzah.

Goldberg said that children who visit the factory will see the various stages of matzah-baking and other special attractions.