Four Katyusha Rockets Found in Southern Lebanon

The rockets were found in Ein al-Jawz, a region of southern Lebanon facing the Golan Heights, four days after a rocket struck the Galilee.

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Avraham Zuroff,

Katyusha Rocket
Katyusha Rocket
Israle News Photo: (archive)

Lebanese security officials stated Wednesday afternoon that four rockets were found in southern Lebanon, along the Israeli border. The rockets were found in Ein al-Jawz in southeastern Lebanon -- a region which faces the Golan Heights. Initial reports do not state whether the rockets were ready for firing.

On Saturday, three Israeli civilians were lightly injured by flying glass and shrapnel and two suffered severe emotional trauma after a Katyusha rocket exploded in the yard of their western Galilee home. In retaliation, the IDF fired six mortar shells towards the source of fire. Lebanese officials stated that an additional rocket that was fired exploded inside Lebanese territory.

Fragile Calm Disturbed
The Hizbullah terrorist organization, which attacked Israel in summer 2006, has denied responsibility for firing the rockets on Saturday. No group has taken responsibility for that attack.

On February 4, the Lebanese army located five rockets in the country's southwestern tip, opposite the Israeli town of Rosh Hanikra.

On January 8, six Katyusha missiles fired from southern Lebanon struck northwestern Israel. The attack took place during the Cast Lead operation in Gaza. One of the missiles hit a nursing home, wounding two.

Hizbullah, the chief terrorist group in southern Lebanon, did not claim responsibility for those attacks, and the incident was blamed on one of the several small terrorist gangs operating in the area. The IDF responded with artillery fire.

Less than a week later, the Lebanese army and United Nations troops found three rockets in southern Lebanon. The rockets were connected to timers and were set to fire just one hour after they were discovered.