Yesha Leaders: Vote Right!

Regional Council heads Mesika and Goldstein tell their constituents in Shomron and Gush Etzion: “Don’t sit it out – vote for a nationalist party!”

Hillel Fendel,

Regional Council heads Gershon Mesika and Sha’ul Goldstein tell their constituents in Shomron (Samaria) and Gush Etzion: “Don’t sit out the elections – vote for a nationalist party!”

In a letter to his constituents, Mesika writes, “It doesn’t matter which nationalist camp party you vote for, the main thing is to vote!”  He also calls upon the residents to “get involved and help out the nationalist parties, each person according to his or her preference. The main thing is to volunteer and act in order to strengthen the nationalist camp.”

To this end, Mesika has established a task force designed to help Shomon residents connect with a nationalist-camp party. 

No More Question Marks
His letter states, “After the terrible expulsion from Gush Katif and four of our communities in northern Shomron, question marks were raised by many of us whether we should continue to ‘play’ in the democratic courtyard.  And in fact, in the last elections, many of us and our supporters chose to ‘sit on the fence’ and not to exercise our right to have an influence.”

“However,” he wrote, “we have seen time after time that the main decisions are made in the Knesset, and that is where the struggle over the Land of Israel will be determined.” 
"Remember, whoever doesn’t vote is essentially strengthening the left and the Arabs!”

Goldstein: Big Difference Between Left and Right
Sha’ul Goldstein, who was re-elected last month to head the Gush Etzion Regional Council, wrote a similar letter to his constituents.

“Even though we hear people saying there’s no point to voting, and all the politicians are the same, and the like, I want to tell you that I sense very clearly the difference between them," Goldstein wrote.  "The difference between a right-wing government and one on the left is very clear, in terms of both major decisions and more minor ones.”

Much of the blame for the freeze in Gush Etzion construction can be blamed on the government, Goldstein wrote.  “Similarly, they totally ignore everything that is on the ‘wrong’ side of the separation barrier. Is that what we want? That is what will happen if Kadima or Labor are in the government leadership!  It will also affect allocations to our schools, security for our towns, national service for our daughters, allocations for development, construction permits, national priority areas – in short, everything.”

“So who should we vote for? I’ll just say one thing: We must vote for the right-wing! Everyone should choose the party he or she identifies with. I suggest not resuming our old arguments about Party A actually being center-left and Party B having no chance of passing the minimum threshold and Party C promising but not coming through and Party D having a candidate that I can’t stand … The party make-ups have changed, and they must all be judged based on what they stand for today.”

“We must all get to work to change the regime, and we can do it. I anticipated a giant voter turnout here in Gush Etzion – and remember, whoever doesn’t vote is essentially strengthening the left and the Arabs!”