Two Soldiers Killed in Gaza

An IDF soldier and a captain fell in battle on Thursday. Fighting continues; soldiers find tunnels and weapons.

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Funeral of fallen soldier Nitai Stern
Funeral of fallen soldier Nitai Stern
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An IDF soldier and a captain were killed fighting Hamas terrorists in Gaza on Thursday. Staff Sergeant Amit Robinson was killed by a sniper and Lieutenant Omer Rabinovich died in a gun battle.

Robinson, 20, was from Kibbutz Magal. He served in Battalion 71, the same battalion in which Gilad Shalit served as a soldier. Shalit has been held hostage by Hamas in Gaza since June 2006.

Robinson was a graduate of Maayan HaShachar high school. He is survived by his parents, Sylvia and Eliyahu, both immigrants from Argentina, and by two sisters, 32-year-old Liat and 28-year-old Noam. Amit's brother-in-law Assaf said of him, “I don't remember him having any fear. This country exists because of people like him.”

Lt. Rabinovich, 23, was from the Negev city of Arad. He was a commander in the Golani brigades. Following his death, he was promoted to the rank of captain.

Two soldiers were wounded in the battles in which Robinson and Rabinovich died. Both suffered light injuries. Their families have been notified.

Earlier in the day, the IDF announced the death of Major Ro'i Rozner, 27, of Holon. Rozner is survived by his wife of ten months, Sharon, his parents and a younger brother, Yaniv.

Soldiers Kill Terrorists, Destroy Weapons
Several Hamas terrorists were killed on Thursday. IDF soldiers continued to search buildings in areas abandoned by Hamas.

Soldiers searching buildings in northern Gaza found tunnels and a weapons lab. One tunnel contained a massive weapons cache that included RPG missiles, detonators, Kalashnikov rifles, grenades and knives. The tunnels were destroyed in controlled explosions.

Also revealed on Thursday were pictures of Gazan tunnels which the army says were intended for use in kidnapping Israeli personnel.