Cabinet Strikes at Int'l Terror by Hitting Their Pocketbooks

The Security Cabinet intends to obstruct funding of 35 organizations affiliated with Al-Qaida and the Taliban as terrorist organizations.

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Avraham Zuroff,

Cabinet session
Cabinet session

The Cabinet Committee on National Security deliberated Wednesday on Jihad activities around the world and defined 35 organizations that are affiliated with Al-Qaida and the Taliban as terrorist organizations.
The list includes 35 terrorist organizations which are anti-West, and not just anti-Israel. These organizations are mainly based in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and African nations.

The Cabinet’s decision supplements existing decisions against anti-Israel terrorist organizations, such as Hamas and Hizbullah.

The Cabinet’s announcements are intended to align Israel with the western world in an international battle against funding terror. The main active player is the U.S., which plays a role in combating terrorism by restricting the funding of terrorist groups. The U.S. also helps Israel identify money earmarked for terrorist organizations in the Middle East.

After the resolutions are approved, banks and other financial institutions are obligated to examine customer accounts and transactions, and to report to the authorities suspicious activities, such as money-laundering and financing terror.

The Cabinet’s National Security committee, which is responsible for the plan’s implementation, intends to get cabinet approval for additional announcements within the upcoming months against individuals and foreign organizations associated with terrorists.

In addition, numerous security officials briefed the Cabinet ministers on the current situation in wake of the escalating violence from Gaza terrorists.