Tourism in Israel Hits Record High for 2008

A record number of tourists arrived in Israel in 2008. The Tourism Ministry called on job seekers to look for work in the tourism industry.

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Yehudah Lev Kay,

Tourist Ministry Logo
Tourist Ministry Logo
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Although most industries experienced an economic slowdown in 2008, the tourism industry in Israel had a record year, according to the Tourism Ministry.

As of November, 2.8 million tourists had arrived in Israel, 35% more than in 2007, according to statistics released Wednesday. As a result, the Tourism Ministry called on job seekers to join the tourism industry.

Tourism Minister Rumaha Avraham-Balila said, “2008 will be Israel’s all-time record year for tourism. This success is of fundamental importance, as income from tourism registered significant increases this year, reaching NIS 25 billion.”  She added that “thousands of new employees began working in the tourism industry.”

According to the Tourism Ministry there are currently 4,000 tourism job vacancies, many in the hotel industry.

In addition, a statement by the ministry said it is embarking on ambitious training programs and offering courses in tourism sales and marketing in the north, as well as courses for vacation cottage owners in the Druze community. In addition, the Tourism Ministry is offering service workshops for taxi drivers in Eilat and tour guide courses for Russian and Chinese speakers.