Tuesday Night Live Returns for 2nd Season

Tuesday Night Live in Jerusalem, a live, bi-weekly pro-Torah English TV broadcast, is gearing up for its second season, beginning Dec. 30.

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Hillel Fendel,

Tuesday Night Live in Jerusalem (TNL), a live, bi-weekly pro-Torah English TV broadcast, is gearing up for its second six-month season on Israel National News TV, beginning Dec. 30. 

Co-hosts Ari Abramowitz and Jeremy Gimpel, together with special guests and Jewish music bands, celebrate the beauty of Torah and Judaism in the State of Israel in Holy Land.  Ari and Jeremy are an IDF soldier in the reserves and his former commander, respectively, who made Aliyah (immigranted to Israel) from the United States.

Special features, such as "Meet the Street" - video clips of questions posed to people on the Jerusalem street - as well as the active participation of the varied studio audience, give the show its unique flavor and vibrant atmosphere.

In its first season, which ended this past June, TNL packed the downtown-Jerusalem Heichal Shlomo hall with over 500 audience members for each bi-weekly show.  “With Israel painted by the international media as a place of terror and fear,” Abramowitz says, “we come to set the record straight by introducing thinkers, educators, activists, and regular people on the street who share a tangible excitement and optimism about life in Israel.”            

"The modern State of Israel is the culmination of 2,000 years of dreams, hopes and prayers,” Gimpel adds. “The majesty and greatness of our Jewish destiny will unfold in Israel. Our national soul was restored when we reentered the Land of Israel and it's exactly that Jewish spirit we want to share with the world.”

Time Warner Signs On
Gimpel and Abramowitz are expecting a major increase in their viewing audience, having recently signed an international syndication agreement with Jewish Life TV on Time Warner Cable.   

"When we first embarked on this adventure, it was me, Jeremy, a couple of cameras, and one really out-of-the-box idea,” Ari says. “Going into this season with the knowledge that a voice of Jewish pride and clarity will be aired on televisions across the world via a major television network makes this season all the more powerful and exciting."

Free refreshments and booths offering Jewish art, handmade jewelry, information on various Israel-based organizations, and more greet the audience members as they arrive.  "We wanted every show to be an event,” Ari explains. “We wanted people to come together to celebrate our lives in Israel, meet other immigrants from around the world, and enjoy the positivity and optimism that Israel is all about." 

The "Three" Keys
Asked how they are able to pull off such a production, Jeremy answers, "There are three keys to our success. One is Hashem (G-d), two is Rachel Gluck, and three is Hashem."  Gluck, the producer of TNL,  manages a staff of over 20 volunteers during the show. "Without our team of volunteers it would be impossible,” she says. “There are a thousand things happening all of the time and you need a real support staff. It just shows that Tuesday Night Live in Jerusalem isn't just a TV show; it's a movement. People volunteer because they believe in the cause and because they love Ari and Jeremy."

The season debut, titled "A Tribute to Hebron", is scheduled for Tuesday night, December 30th. Sinai Tor will be the musical guest and will perform a short concert at the end of the filming. Doors open at 6:45 p.m., and the show starts at 8.       

The two young dynamic Jewish leaders also host a radio show on IsraelNationalRadio.com, and frequently visit the U.S. on speaking tours.

Tickets may be reserved by sending email to <Rachel@thelandofisrael.com>.  Entrance is free, but TNL requests a 20-shekel donation from those who are able to pay it. To see previous shows, click here.