Photo Essay: Likud Primaries 2008

IsraelNN's roving reporter wandered through the streets of Jerusalem Monday and he offers a glimpse of the Likud Primaries 2008.

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Ben Bresky, | updated: 16:00

Likud primaries
Likud primaries
Ben Bresky
The Likud primaries were held on Monday December 8, 2008. In Jerusalem, all the voting took place at the Jerusalem Convention Center. The grounds were packed with voters, candidates, media and activists. The line to enter the building was very long with people waiting up to two hours just to get in. To be eligible to vote, one must be a member of the Likud party for a year and a half. Membership is open to any Israeli citizen and costs NIS 35 per year.

Giant banners promote Gilad Erdan, Yisrael Katz, and Shmuel Slavin.

A bowl of candy with Silvan Shalom's name printed on each wrapper.

Two people discuss the elections.

Passing out leaflets for candidate Dudu Golan.

The crowd is thick and diverse. The bear wearing a sign for Yehiel Leiter is in the background.

Young hareidi voters stop at a table.

A man in a bear costume promoting Yehiel Leiter. Another man with a megaphone shouts out information about his candidate.

A young man wearing a striped talit katan with blue tzitzit strings reads a large banner for candidate Dudu Golan.

Candidate Shmuel Slavin.
Candidate Shmuel Slavin. In the background is one of his posters.

A table filled with flyers and rolls of stickers.

After waiting outside, groups of voters were allowed to enter the building in stages. The line inside was long as well.

The hall inside with the voting booths. It took over an hour to finally enter.

The voting was done on computers. Out of over 100 candidates, voters were required to vote for 12 for the general list, one for the regional slot (Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, etc) and two for the new immigrant slots.

Staff helped people understand how to vote on the new computerized system.

The media was in full force interviewing candidates and voters. The importance and seriousness of the election could be felt.

An activist for Yehiel Leiter explains the issues.

An older man exhorts the crowd to vote for his preferred candidate.

Fred Moncharsh's activism days began with the Jewish Defense League. He ran for the Jerusalem regional slot.

Singer / songwriter Ari Ben Yam waiting in line to vote. The Moshe Feiglin table plays his anti-Disengagment protest song "Obstacle to Peace."

Shmuel Sackett, who started the Zo Artzeinu protest movement with Moshe Feiglin ran in the new immigrant slot.

Dan Meridor, a veteran Knesset member also ran in the primaries.

A young man with blue tzitzit strings wears stickers promoting Sagiv Assulin. He later stated he was a big fan of Israel National Radio.

A former soldier wearing a kippah and orange ribbon on his backpack in solidarity with Gush Katif. His t-shirt is from his army unit.

The giant banners tower over the crowd. The large glass windows of the Jerusalem Convention Center can be seen on the right. Someone has stuck Penina Rosenblum stickers on the eyes and nose of the bear.

The atmosphere was festive, yet serious. Friends and acquaintances bumped into each other. Loud speakers blared campaign jingles.

An activist talking to two Ethiopian Israelis.

Peter from Holland is living in Israel because he believes it is a light unto the nations. He is currently studying Hebrew in ulpan. He became friends with candidate Sagiv Assulin for whom he is campaigning.

A dune buggy covered with posters for Gideon Saar.

"Michael Kleiner returns!" A poster for former Herut leader Michael Kleiner who has rejoined the Likud party.

Penina Rosenblum, a former model and actress and currently owner of a cosmetics line. She served in the Knesset for a short time in 2006.

An ad on a bus against Binyamin "Bibi" Netanyahu. It reads "Bibi? I don't believe him." In small letters at the bottom it says "Something to think about brought to you by Kadima."

An ad for Michael Kleiner on the left and Fred Moncharsh on the right. The Moncharsh ad reads in English "Israel -- Love it or leave it."

A young religious woman passes out Benny Begin flyers.

Two people discuss the issues. Such conversations were frequent. The t-shirt worn by the man on the right reads "Boogie" for former IDF Chief-of-Staff Moshe "Boogie" Yaalon.

A thick crowd of voters.

The woman in red is reading from a prayer book as she waits in line to vote.

Letfover flyers in the garbage can.

All photos by Ben Bresky, Israel National News.