India's Jews: Time to Rebuild

The Jewish community of Mumbai announced Monday that it would rebuild the city's Chabad House after its destruction in a terrorist attack.

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Maayana Miskin,

Nariman House
Nariman House

The Jewish community of Mumbai, India, announced Monday that it would rebuild the city's Nariman House Chabad center and reopen it in the near future. The building was severely damaged in a terrorist attack less than two weeks ago. Nariman House directors, Rabbi Gavriel and Rivki Holtzberg, were murdered, as were four other people who were in the building at the time.

"We're determined to rebuild the place because the Chabad House's operations must continue, and we can't let terrorism stop it,” said local Chabad Rabbi Dov Goldberg. Reconstruction will begin as soon as police allow it, he said. The new structure will have tighter security, he added.

Community leaders said they would rebuild the structure in its current location. In the future, the community hopes to further expand the building.

Rabbi Goldberg will take over operations at the Nariman house. Rabbi Goldberg, a friend of the Holtzbergs, said last week that he committed himself to rebuilding the center as he identified Rabbi Holtzberg's body following the attacks. “I looked at him and understood that I was the one who would need to make sure that the Chabad lives on... The next day I woke and realized that I had to, and that I could not let this holy work die out,” he said.

Two weeks ago, terrorists burst into Nariman House and other locations in Mumbai and opened fire. A total of 171 people were murdered, and many more were wounded. Terrorists in the Nariman House stayed holed up in the building for 60 hours. During the siege the Holtzbergs' nanny, Sandra Samuel, managed to escape the building with the couple's young son Moshe.