Messages of Support to Victims' Families from Around the World

Messages of love and support, outrage, grief and faith were sent to the families of the Mumbai massacre victims via Israel National News.

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Rivky and Gavriel Holtzberg of blessed memory
Rivky and Gavriel Holtzberg of blessed memory
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Messages of love and support, outrage and grief, faith and compassion for the families of the Jewish victims of the Mumbai Chabad House massacre came pouring in to the Israel National News website.  Herewith a sampling...

From Ajay Makholga…


Our heart goes for Mrs. & Mr.Holtzberg, we want to send our condolences to the affected family. May G-d give peace to them.  This is not an attack on Jewish family but on entire civilized world. We pledge our support to the Holtzberg family and to the Great Nation ‘Israel’.



From A.Y.N., Concord


May their souls be blessed forever and ever, and may they be avenged and Israel liberated to rejoice their descendants.



From Anjan in India...


Baby Moshe, we have not forgotten you. People in India care…



From Mehri Songhorian…


Once again Satan spilled the blood of our innocent children. For these Satans, targets could be a cafe,or a bus of loaded with school children in Jerusalem,or a Chabad House in Mumbai. The place is different but the victims are the same. Innocent and pure victims that the only fault they had is being Jews. May the blood of these kedoshim bring the Moshiah. 



From Elishevah in South Carolina, USA


Even though I didn't know them I am grieved beyond words at such a crime and send prayers of comfort to the families of Rabbi Gavriel and Rivka Holtzberg. May the work they started continue on and goodness rise above the evil that tried to stop Torah from going forth in that part of the world. Surely the hand of G-d is upon the child to save him in such an awesome way.



From Leah Kam


This has been a great loss for the whole Klal Yisroel. The two wonderful neshamas who prepared Shabbos for the lost and far Jews were sitting on Hashem's Shabbos table on parsha Toldot and Hashem was enjoying their presence. It is us who are missing their awesome contribution to the world Jewry.


May Hashem brings us the redemption and the end of this evil since it is even harder now to tolerate this galus after losing Gavriel and Rivka.



From Yitzchak ben Israel aka Crockett, Atoka, Oklahoma


Dear people, you are a light unto the nations. Shalom Aleichem brothers and sisters. My only encounter with Gavriel and Rivka Holtzberg has been this tragedy. I love the Jewish people so much that when something like this happens, I'm deeply saddened by it and share in the burden of it. I would take baby Moshe into my house and love him and raise him.


All I know to say to the families is, I hurt for you, I hurt with you, and I only want to be nearer to you now. I want to say this, in your mourning, may he bare your grief for you, and lift up your spirit, and fill it with his breath of comfort. Heartfelt sympathy and compassion coming from a mid-aged Oklahoma Israeli brother.



From Camilo Molina Estrada, Medellin, Colombia


I didn’t know whom they were, I never had the pleasure to meet them, but I want to express my feelings to the family and to  all Israelis from here, from Colombia, South America.


Hamakom Yinachem atchem Btoch Shar Aveli Zion Ve'Yerushalyim...