Nationalist MKs Outraged at Hevron Eviction

MKs Ariel, Yishai and others accuse Barak of duplicity and political machinations.

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Hillel Fendel,

MK Uri Ariel
MK Uri Ariel

In response to the eviction in Hevron, perceived by many in Hevron and elsewhere as the height of injustice, several nationalist MKs issued angry statements.  MK Uri Ariel (Jewish Home) said: "Defense Minister Barak violated all the understandings with him, and he has provided proof that he cannot be trusted."

Shas Party leader Industry and Trade Minister Eli Yishai said, "Barak is trying to resuscitate his dying party by evicting people from their legally-acquired property on the day of the Labor Party primaries."

Rabbi Moshe Levinger, who suffered a stroke several months ago and is still ill - yet made the effort to get up to meet with Barak today - expressed sorrow that Barak had ignored his request.  The rabbi said he told Barak that he would meet with the residents and return a response by noon tomorrow - but Barak demanded an answer within two hours.

The Hatikvah party issued this statement: "We condemn the fearful and violent behavior of 'Security' Minister Ehud Barak, who allows Israel's enemies to fire rockets at Israeli soldiers and citizens with no response, and enables the bullies of Bil'in and Naalin to run wild, but shows his great heroism only vis-a-vis Jews.... The situation is reminiscent of the words of Deborah the Prophetess about another Barak: 'The way on which you are walking will not bring you glory.'"

Atty. Yosef Fuchs of the Land of Israel Legal Forum, who is running for the Judea and Samaria spot on the Likud list of candidates, said, "Ehud Barak has once again thwarted negotiations and opted for a path of violence.  One who does not know how to hold dialogue is not worthy of being Defense Minister." 

Another candidate, Yechiel Leiter, told IsraelNationalRadio's Malkah Fleisher, that the decision to evict the Jews was not judicial but rather political.  "If it was a matter of law, then the law must be distributive - i.e, must be applied to all sectors alike. There are thousands of orders against illegal Arab structures that are not being implemented..."

The Likud primaries will be held this Monday.