Israel Liberation Week in Albany

The Zionist Freedom Alliance, a campus-based Jewish rights organization, is hosting ‘Israel Liberation Week’ at the University of Albany.

Baruch Gordon,

Zionist Freedom Alliance activists
Zionist Freedom Alliance activists
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The Zionist Freedom Alliance (ZFA), a campus-based Jewish rights organization in the United States, is hosting ‘Israel Liberation Week’ at the University of Albany from November 3-7. ZFA bills itself as the only student organization asserting Israel’s national rights on American college campuses.

The ZFA's Israel Liberation Week logo

The group defends the often-maligned Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria and struggles to free Jonathan Pollard, a Jewish U.S. Naval analyst convicted for "passing classified information to a U.S. ally." While some ZFA student activists identify with the political left in America, they all advocate that Judea and Samaria belong solely to the Jewish people and that no foreign state should be established between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea.

During Israel Liberation Week, films, exhibits and educational campaigns will highlight the Jewish underground battles against British rule in the 1940's. Programs will promote the message that the State of Israel must become an independent country by ending her dependency on U.S. foreign aid.

When asked about how ‘Israel Liberation Week’ is changing the way students view the State of Israel, ZFA Albany Secretary Jon Pillischer told Israel National News, “We believe that our message is representative of what real Israelis actually want as opposed to what the media wants us to think. I was born in Israel, and I feel that participating in this kind of activism bonds me closer to my family and to my people.”

Yehuda HaKohen, ZFA leader and organizer of campus Israel Liberation Week, said that the American elections present an opportunity to plug Jewish national rights into the American political discourse. "Israel can do without American foreign aid, but needs U.S. support of Israel's right to live freely in the entire Jewish homeland," he said.