'He Was a Good Man'

Friends and family of stabbing victim Avraham Ozeri remembered him Thursday as a kind man who loved his family and the land of Israel.

Maayana Miskin,

Avraham Ozeri
Avraham Ozeri
Ozeri family

Friends and relatives of Avraham Ozeri expressed shock and pain on Thursday, following his murder at the hands of an Arab terrorist.

“Everyone loved him.... He never hurt a single person, he only ever wanted to help,” his son Amos said. Amos expressed fury towards the terrorist who stabbed Ozeri, saying, “How can you kill an 86-year-old man who could be your grandfather? It's indescribable. Even an animal wouldn't do such a thing.”

Ozeri felt a strong connection to the land of Israel, his son said. “That was his central motto,” he said. Ozeri served in the Lechi, one of the pre-state Jewish defense groups, and remained devoted to its values throughout his life, Amos added.

Neighbors described Ozeri as a kind man who was always ready to provide assistance. “He was a good-hearted man who loved to help others,” one said. “Everyone who knew him only had good things to say about him.” Another said Ozeri had insisted on helping her carry bags up the stairs despite his advanced age, and that he had spent his days volunteering at a local community center.

Ozeri was killed as he walked near his home in the neighborhood of Gilo in Jerusalem. He is survived by two children and six grandchildren.

The terrorist who stabbed Ozeri also stabbed a 32-year-old police officer who asked him to present identification. The officer was moderately wounded, but managed to shoot and wound the terrorist despite his injuries. Doctors said Thursday that the officer is expected to recover from his wounds. Police say the officer probably prevented a more serious attack by slowing the terrorist, who was eventually forced to stop due to his injuries.

The terrorist has been identified as 20-year-old Mohammed Bidan of the Arab village of Tekoa near Bethlehem. Bidan is currently hospitalized in Hadassa Ein Karem hospital in Jerusalem, where he is being treated for his injuries. Police arrested Bidan's sister and brother-in-law on Thursday evening. The two are suspected of playing some part in the attack.