IDF Destroys Hevron Tunnel, Foils Beit El Terrorist Attack

Soldiers dynamited a huge tunnel in Hevron, where the PA is trying to stifle Hamas. In Samaria, the IDF foiled a terrorist attack on Beit El.

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Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu,

Firebomb terrorist killed by IDF near Beit El
Firebomb terrorist killed by IDF near Beit El
Flash 90

Israeli soldiers Tuesday destroyed a 100-meter (328 feet)-long tunnel in Hevron that the Palestinian Authority (PA) discovered in intensified attempts to stifle growing strength by the rival Hamas terrorist organization.


The PA discovered the tunnel underneath a Hevron shop and notified the IDF. No explosives or weapons were found, but the IDF is investigating whether terrorists intended to use the tunnel to carry out attacks, possibly against the Jewish community in Hevron.


In Samaria, the IDF shot and killed a young Arab terrorist and wounded two others who were preparing to throw firebombs (Molotov cocktails) at motorists on the approach road to Beit El in Samaria Tuesday night. Soldiers discovered 10 firebombs next to the body of the terrorist, who was described as being around 16 years old.


The two other Arabs were wounded but managed to flee and may be part of the same terrorist cell that attacked the community with firebombs earlier this week. Arabs sources complained that the IDF reaction was extreme and unjustified in light of cooperation between PA security forces and the IDF.


During the Sukkot holiday earlier in the day, soldiers at a checkpoint stopped two other terrorists who tried to smuggle explosives and five pipe bombs into pre-1967 Israel.