IDF Put on High Alert after Bomb Scare

Intensified terror threats against Israelis abroad materialized Wednesday afternoon in the form of a bomb threat on an El Al passenger flight.

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Hana Levi Julian,

El Al aircraft in past emergency landing
El Al aircraft in past emergency landing
Israel News Photo: (Michael Freund)

Intensified terror threats against Israelis around the world manifested themselves Wednesday in the form of a bomb threat against an El Al passenger flight from Paris to Tel Aviv.


Government sources said the IDF received a tip that a bomb had been planted on Flight #324 scheduled to arrive at Ben Gurion International Airport early Wednesday evening.


According to a statement issued by the IDF Spokesperson's Office, "senior members of the General Staff manned central positions which enabled them to track events as they unfolded. Additionally, the Israel Air Force (IAF) and the Home Front Command were placed on high alert, as is customary in such instances."


Two IAF fighter planes accompanied the passenger plane from its entry into Israel until its landing at Ben Gurion International Airport.


According to The Yeshiva World, NATO fighter planes also escorted the Boeing 767 jumbo jet as it flew through Europe at some point.


The plane landed safely in Israel at approximately 8:00 p.m. and was searched thoroughly by a bomb disposal unit.


The bomb threat was found to be baseless.


Officials later explained that the purpose of the fighter plane escort was to ensure that the plane did not attempt to fly off on a different course than the one charted by traffic controllers, in the event terrorists had taken control of the aircraft.


El Al officials issued a statement praising the cooperation of the various nations that were involved in the security efforts to keep the Israeli aircraft and its passengers safe on their trip home.