Hamas Exploits Ceasefire to Reinforce Underground Tunnels

Hamas terrorists in Gaza are building bunkers with cement being shipped into the region for civilian use during the temporary “calm.”

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Hana Levi Julian,

Hamas terrorist flag
Hamas terrorist flag
Israel News Photo: (file)

Hamas terrorists in Gaza are reportedly building bunkers with cement that is being shipped into the region for civilian use.


The cement, which is being supplied along with other humanitarian aid that is sent into the region several times a week, is being confiscated by the terrorist party as it enters the area, according to a report published over in the Hebrew-language Ma’ariv newspaper.


Hamas has built dozens of bunkers with the cement and is now engaged in building a network of tunnels to connect the bunkers with each other in a manner similar to that used by Hizbullah in southern Lebanon.


According to the report, Israel’s security establishment is considering limiting, if not entirely ending, the shipments in order to block the terrorists from continuing the construction. 


Until the truce went into effect, only a small amount of cement was allowed to enter Gaza since Hamas seized control of the region in June 2007, since the material has been used to build military-related facilities in the past.