Hamas Slams US Bill to Outlaw Al Aqsa Satellite TV

Gaza-based Al Aqsa satellite TV channel has been named by the U.S. Congress as a terrorist entity – and the Hamas management isn't happy about it.

Hana Levi Julian,

Child terrorists on Al Aqsa TV
Child terrorists on Al Aqsa TV
Israel News Photo: (PMW)

The management of the Gaza-based Al Aqsa satellite television channel is displeased with the U.S. Congress over an initiative to declare its station a "specially designated global terrorist network," along with four other similar media outlets.

Al Aqsa satellite TV is controlled by the Hamas terrorist organization, which appears on the United States list of terrorist entities.

The station's general manager, Fatkhi Hamad, slammed the bill, saying it was "intended to stifle the free voice which exposes the American and Zionist actions in the Arab and Muslim region."

The resolution presented to the Congress on June 26 also named four other terrorist-run media outlets as broadcasters of incitement to violence against the United States:
• Al Manar TV, run by the Hizbullah terror organization in Lebanon;
• Iran's Al-Alam,
• Iraqi channels Al-Zawara and Al-Rafidiyeh

The channels are accused of raising funds for terrorist activities and recruiting personnel for attacks against the U.S.

One of the programs mentioned in the draft bill was a segment broadcast in March 2008 in which an Arab child stabbed the president of the United States and turned the White House into a mosque.

It was also noted in the bill that the Egyptian state-run NileSat satellite provider carries the Hamas network channel.

Most recently, on Al Aqsa TV, children were taught how to kidnap an Israeli soldier through a training video that was broadcast on the Hamas channel.

The video clip was monitored by Palestinian Media Watch, which documents the contradictions between the images presented by Arab media to the world in English and the messages they broadcast to their own people in Arabic.