New Tactics on Yesha Expulsions: Eye for an Eye

Yesha activists are changing tactics and intend to fight surprise government demolitions with road protests and new hilltop communities.

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Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu,

Yesha hilltop community
Yesha hilltop community

The Judea and Samaria Committee for Action has decided to launch a new strategy of protests and new construction every time the government orders the demolition of buildings in hilltop communities. The change in tactics comes after last week's police brutality at Shaked Farm near Yitzhar, where police tore down a building without a previous evacuation order.


Instead of concentrating on the same communities that the government wants to destroy, the activists said they will respond with demonstrations at road intersections and creation of new communities throughout Judea and Samaria.

The new tactic is aimed at overloading the police and military establishments so that they will not be able to continue to carry out government orders to destroy buildings.

"The struggle for a hilltop community is near your house," the committee wrote to Yesha residents. "It is up to you to decide to leave your house and be influential."
The struggle for a hilltop community is near your house.

Spokesmen said that the change of tactics is a result of police tactics to arrive quietly and act quickly before residents have a chance to react, making it impractical to bring people from far away to defend the threatened community.

"Establishing a new outpost next to an existing community is not the right strategy," according to the committee. Instead, it advises activists to block road intersections and build new communities elsewhere. Activists also recommend hiking in out-of-the-way places to force authorities to stretch manpower availability.