Canadian Legal Forum Fights To Save PA Arab from Death Sentence

The Canadian Legal Forum for Israel fights to save life of a PA Arab who was sentenced to death for stopping a terrorist attack against Israelis.

Baruch Gordon,

Arab attacked
Arab attacked
Israel news photo; Flash 90

The Canadian Legal Forum has launched a campaign to save the life of an Arab resident in the Palestinian Authority (PA) who was sentenced to death by a PA court for stopping a terrorist attack against Israeli civilians.

The forum is calling on the public to dispatch letters to Canadian government officials demanding that they use their leverage as a donor country to the PA to protest the sentence.

A sample letter is below:

To the Honourable Stephen Harper, Prime Minister, and The Honourable Maxime Bernier, Minister of Foreign Affairs,

We are writing to ask you to make an urgent appeal to save a life. On Monday April 28th, the Palestinian Authority sentenced a young Arab Palestinian, Imad Saad, to death by firing squad. Mr Saad's crime was doing what the Palestinian Authority are supposed to have committed itself to do

– fight terror, specifically by advising Israel of the presence of a group of armed terrorists. Mr Saad is a policeman who helped protect civilian lives from criminals; this act should not be considered treason, deserving death, by the Palestinian Authority.

The PA military commander of the Hebron area, Samih Staidi, referring to the verdict said "Let it be an example to those who sell their homeland and their people."

PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas must now approve the sentence.

Canada committed $300 million dollars to the Palestinians to "build security, governance and prosperity." This sentence reveals the truth about Abbas's commitment to fight terror.

We appeal to you to speak out now against this sentence. Time is of the essence; the PA must hear a strong, firm statement from all those who are committed to peace. Canada must not let this pass.

We thank you for what we know will be your response.


Legal Forum for Israel
Canadian Branch