DFLP Gaza Terror Chief Struck Down

Israel has killed the head of a Gaza terrorist group involved in rocket attacks and a terrorist infiltration last year.

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Air Strike
Air Strike
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Israel has killed the head of a Gaza terrorist group involved in rocket attacks and a terrorist infiltration last year.

In a joint IDF and Shabak (General Security Service) activity in the Jabaliya area of Gaza, “the IDF targeted and identified hitting Ibrahim Alba, the head of the Democratic Front [For the Liberation of Palestine] in northern Gaza,” according to the IDF Spokesman.

An Air Force-fired missile hit the 42-year-old terror commander as he was getting out of his vehicle near Beit Lahiya in the northern Gaza region. Arab sources said three others were wounded. The strike took place shortly after three Kassam rockets were fired toward Jewish towns.

The strike took place amidst relativelyheavy shelling of Israeli communities from Gaza; 12 shells have hit Israel since the morning hours, causing no damage.

Alba was involved in numerous infiltration attempts from the areas of the former Jewish communities in northern Gaza - destroyed during the 2005 Disengagement - towards the remaining Jewish towns across the border with Israel.

“Alba was involved in the infiltration of two terrorists armed with explosive devices and dressed in uniforms to Netiv Haasarah on August 25th, 2007,” the IDF says. “Three IDF soldiers were lightly wounded during exchanges of fire with the terrorists. The two terrorists were killed."

“Alba has since then continued attempting to execute terror attacks against Israel,” the IDF added, noting that Alba has also been involved with the launching of rockets into Israel, indicating the group’s cooperation with the Hamas-run groups coordinating the rocket offensive.

The Shabak became aware that Alba was planning another terror attack in the coming days.

Rocket Cell Struck
IDF troops shot toward a southern Gaza terrorist cell preparing to launch a Kassam rocket toward Jewish communities in the western Negev Tuesday morning. An exchange of gunfire ensued between the armed men and the elite Givati Brigade and Armored Corps.

Terrorists fired rockets and mortar shells at soldiers in Tuesday’s early hours but did not wound anyone.

Lebanese Army Claims IDF Crossed Border
The Lebanese army claimed that five IDF soldiers crossed the border near the Har Dov (Sheba’a Farms) area Sunday evening. The soldiers allegedly remained in the area for 10 minutes before returning.

The Lebanese army called the move "a blatant and repeated breach of Lebanese sovereignty" and informed the United Nations Interim Forces (UNIFIL), which is investigating. Tensions have risen along the northern border since the assassination of Hizbullah senior terrorist Imad Mughniyeh in February.

As of press time, the IDF had not issued a comment on the incident.

Report: Hamas Plans Attack on Egyptians at Rafiah
Hamas has completed plans for breaching the Rafiah border barrier and is prepared to attack Egyptian soldiers, according to the Egyptian newspaper Al Ahram.

The plan calls for a three-stage attack, beginning with mortar shelling and then rifle fire. The last step in the attempt to break down the barrier and reach the Egyptian side of Rafiah would include using smuggling tunnels, which have been mined to explode at Egyptian positions.

Hamas destroyed the border barrier several months ago, allowing hundreds of thousands to cross the border to buy supplies and permitting terrorists to infiltrate into the Sinai Peninsula.