Over 20 Jews Arrested at Protest in Terrorist's Village

Video aired on TV showed Jewish youths damaging cars & homes in Jabel Mukaber. Eyewitness: Arabs threw rocks on Jews & police did not intervene.

Gil Ronen and Hillel Fendel,

Marching on Jabel Mukaber
Marching on Jabel Mukaber

Over 20 Jews were arrested Sunday in Jabel Mukaber, in southern Jerusalem, after protesters entered the village to try and destroy the home of the terrorist who murdered eight yeshiva boys 10 days ago. Some time after 8:00 p.m., the police declared the demonstration illegal and dispersed the protesters.

One police officer was very lightly hurt.  Damage was caused to Arab property inside the village, including cars and houses.  Some of the Jewish protestors were released Monday morning, but police are requesting an extended remand for several others.

Police block protestors from entering Arab village
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Policewomen drag away protestor
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Protestors at the demonstration

The protest organizers said they never expected to actually be allowed to come close to the house of the terrorist and try to destroy it, even though this was one of their stated goals. "We want to raise public consciousness about the increasing danger of the Israeli-Arab fifth column," said Moshe Musa Cohen.  Nadia Matar, of Women in Green, emphasized the need to boycott the enemy, and to hire only Jewish workers.

In fact, on Monday morning, popular Army Radio host Razi Barkai interviewed a youth leader from the Galilee, who explained that Israeli-Arab attacks on local Jews have increased significantly over the past two years. "I take boys on bicycle trips," the man explained, "and there are definitely places that we now have to avoid - including the main Hadera-Afua highway [known as Wadi Ara]... There was one trip when we were attacked with rocks and stones and the like no fewer than four times!... It is a sad feeling that a new generation of Arabs are growing up in Israel with such hatred towards us."

The Attempt to Reach Jabel Mukaber
The anti-terrorist protest events began around 5:00 P.M. on Sunday, when hundreds of Jews gathered at the Armon HaNatziv promenade in Jerusalem.  They announced that they were headed to raze the house of the terrorist who murdered the Merkaz Harav yeshiva students.

'The Arab Enemy in Our Midst'
The placards announcing the protest were directed against "Israeli-Arabs" and stated: "The Arab enemy within us, in Lod, Akko and Wadi Ara, and in Jerusalem, supports and encourages murder of Jews... In the face of the state authorities' inaction, we shall come ourselves and do what needs
Several dozen Jews managed to go around the police roadblocks and enter the village.
to be done as representatives of the People of Israel." They ended with an allusion to the upcoming Purim holiday: "The opposite shall happen: the Jews shall rule over their haters."

Meir Indor, who heads the Almagor terror victims' group, was among those arrested at Jabel Mukaber. He said, "Tonight's activities showed that if the government of Israel refuses to strike back at the enemy after terrorist attacks, the people of Israel will. The ongoing policy of surrender and concessions is what invites these terrorist attacks against us."

Youths Smashed Windshields
Before the protest, hundreds of police took up positions within Jabel Mukaber and outside it, in the hope of preventing the demonstrators from entering the village. They also blocked the entrance to the adjacent Jewish neighborhood of Nof Tzion. They later said they were "surprised" by the strength of the protestors, however.

Several dozen Jews managed to circumvent the police roadblocks and enter the village. They did not reach the home of the terrorist, Ala Abu Dheim, but they did reach some houses on the outskirts of the village. Video aired on Channel 2 TV showed a group of about a dozen youths throwing rocks at cars and at a home, and smashing car windshields. Arabs threw rocks at them as well. 

'The State Must Destroy His House'
Among the protesters were Samaria (Shomron) Rabbis Elyakim Levanon of Elon Moreh and Dudi Dudkevich of Yitzhar. Holding a megaphone, Dudkevich told the gathered: "These Arabs [who are Israeli citizens] are supposedly 'our' Arabs, but they are no less dangerous [than those in Judea and Samaria]. The Arabs in this village celebrated the murder, and the State of Israel must destroy the terrorist's house."
"The Arabs in this village celebrated the murder and the State of Israel must destroy the terrorist's house."

A Magen David Adom paramedic by the name of Yosef told Arutz7 reporter Ezra HaLevi that Arabs were throwing rocks at Jews on a massive scale, and the police were not doing anything against the Arabs.  HaLevi said that plainclothes police were on the scene in large numbers and making arrests.

Police on horseback were also deployed against the Jewish protesters. The police donned full riot gear, confronted the Jews with force and made arrests. Police also said some of the Jews threw detonators at them.

In the end, at approximately 9:00 p.m., the Jews who were not shoved into police vans prayed, sang Purim songs and dispersed.