U.S. Marine Commander Advocates 'Strong Defense, Feared Offense'

Maj.- Gen. Bradley Lott (ret.) said: 'If issues are important to the entire free world, they shouldn't be just Israel's to deal with.'

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Gil Ronen,

Maj.- Gen. Bradley Mark Lott, the Former Commander of the Marine Warfighting Center, spoke at the Jerusalem Conference and advocated a blunt, no-nonsense approach to the regional current conflicts.
Strong defense, feared offense
Bradley said he favored dialogue between countries as an alternative to war but added: "If we get to the point that we can't work out a solution then we ought to take those nations that understand the issues, and we ought to collaborate in a way that results in a strong and impenetrable defense and a feared offense."

"The people need to understand what those issues are. And it can't be the people of Israel only," he said, drawing applause. "If the issues are important to the free world, then those issues are important to the entire free world - they shouldn't be just Israel's to deal with."

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In what could be seen as advice to Israel, Lott said that the standard of intelligence needs to be raised. "If you accuse me of stealing a car – show me my fingerprints on the steering wheel," he explained, possibly referring to cases of inaccurate intelligence assessments in recent years.