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Bishara's Replacement Being Investigated For Syria Visit

Israel's Police summoned Druze MK (Balad) Sayid Nafa for an investigation Sunday regarding his illegal visit to Syria earlier this year.

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Ezra HaLevi,

Syria, north of Jerusalem
Syria, north of Jerusalem

The Israel Police invited MK (Balad) Sayid Nafa for an investigation Sunday regarding his illegal visit to Syria earlier this year.

Knesset Member (MK) Nafa replaced former MK Azmi Bishara in the Knesset after Bishara fled the country during an investigation into his alleged aiding of Hizbullah during the Second Lebanon War.

The outspokenly anti-Israel Nafa requested approval from Israel’s Interior Ministry to travel to Syria in September, which is an enemy country officially at war with Israel, and was refused. Nafa decided to travel there anyway, and joined a delegation of 300 Druze religious leaders.

Just last week, an Arab money changer in eastern Jerusalem admitted to paying Bishara $390,000 for information on behalf of Hizbullah.  Bishara allegedly recommended Haifa-area targets for Hizbullah to attack during last year's Second Lebanon War.

Public Security Minister Avi Dichter announced at the time that MK Nafa and members of the Druze delegation that traveled with him to Syria would be prosecuted. “Someone who leaves for an enemy country needs to know he will be dealt with appropriately in accordance with Israeli law,” he said. “And that includes MK Nafa and his delegation.”

Members of the government roundly rebuked Nafa, with fellow Druze MK Majali Whbee saying that Nafa represented an "extreme fringe" of Druze society.

Nafa told the Knesset Ethics Committee last week that he had made the visit as part of a pilgrimage to holy sites in Syria as a member of a delegation of Druze priests. The Committee reprimanded him, saying it was not interested in the criminality of his actions.

Nafa declared in September that "The Druze Intifada has already begun. Resistance is inevitable."