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New Settlement Sites Declared 'Closed Military Zones'

The IDF has declared five areas in Judea and Samaria to be “closed military zones” in a bid to prevent the latest Land of Israel settlement effort.
By Ezra HaLevi
First Publish: 12/9/2007, 6:37 AM

The IDF has declared five areas in Judea and Samaria to be “closed military zones” in a bid to prevent the latest Land of Israel settlement effort.

“The security establishment has recently received information indicating the intentions of various bodies to reach various points in Judea and Samaria with the aim of settling them this Sunday,” a statement said. In fact, announcements detailing the time and location of each new settlement site were placed in newspapers and on bulletin boards in big cities and throughout Judea and Samaria. “The IDF and Israel Police stress, in an unequivocal manner, that a permit was not granted to this event, and that the relevant bodies have no intention of authorizing it.”

Accompanying the statement is a threat to arrest and file criminal charges against anyone trying to settle the Land of Israel at these spots or even transport people there.

Similar threats have been issued on the eve of dozens of past settlement attempts to Homesh, Givat HaEitam and other hilltop communities. The results on the ground have varied from active opposition by security forces to tacit approval and the securing of such events after the fact.

The plans are being coordinated between the Land of Israel Faithful, Youth for Eretz Yisrael, Women in Green and the local grassroots action committees.

“At a time when internal and external enemies are trying to choke us behind fences and walls, daring to tell us that we are not allowed to expand and build in our own land, the most necessary answer is to defy those anti-Semitic decrees by settling the hills of Judea and Samaria,” a communiqué issued by the activists reads. “That is the best way we can show the world that the Jewish people will not agree to give up its land.”

The points targeted for settlement, and telephones for joining are:
• Harchivi, near Elon Moreh: 054 797 3208 (meeting at 4 PM)
• Shvut Ami, near Kedumim: 052 813 3392 (meeting at 4 PM)
• Maoz Esther (‘Esther’s Stronghold’), near Kochav HaShachar: 052 302 5776 (meeting at noon)
• Givat HaOr (‘Hilltop of the Light’), near Beit El: 054 762 1450 (meeting at noon)
• Mevasseret Adumim (E1): 054 566 5036 (meeting at Kikar HaMishtara in Maaleh Adumim at noon)
• Nofei Chashmonaim, neat Chashmonaim: 054 771 8579 (meeting at 2 PM in main square)
• Maalot Halhul, near Kiryat Arba: 050 639 4919 (meeting at 1 PM in main square)
• Netzer, near Alon Shvut: 052 580 2666 (meeting at main square at noon)
• Givat HaEitam, near Efrat, was already ascended on the first night of Chanukah, with a new couple celebrating their post-nuptial Sheva Brachot ceremony there.

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