IDF Operation in Jenin: Jihad Terrorists Killed, Soldier Wounded

As part of ongoing counter-terrorist operations in Samaria, elite units of the IDF penetrated the city of Jenin Tuesday morning.

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Nissan Ratzlav-Katz,

As part of ongoing counter-terrorist operations in Samaria, elite units of the IDF penetrated the city of Jenin Tuesday morning in pursuit of wanted Islamic Jihad
Realizing they were being encircled, two enemy fighters attempted to flee the house.
members. Two terrorists were killed and six others apprehended. An IDF officer suffered light injuries.

During the operation, IDF forces surrounded a house where several wanted Islamic Jihad terrorists were hiding. When two enemy fighters attempted to flee the house, soldiers from the undercover Duvdevan unit shot them dead.

Soldiers from the Nahal Brigade apprehended six other terrorists in the same operation, as well as confiscating battle armor, ammunition and automatic weapons. One IDF officer was lightly injured and subsequently transported to hospital for treatment.

One of the terrorists killed on Tuesday was Khaled Hussein, the most wanted Islamic Jihad terrorist in northern Samaria. Hussein was involved in planning and executing many attacks on Israelis, including several suicide bombings.

Explosives Lab Destroyed in Shechem
IDF forces uncovered an explosives lab Sunday night in Shechem, while searching the house of a wanted terrorist. The mission is documented on the video below.

Can't see video screen below? Click here for footage of IDF mission.


The lab contained a mortar shell, an improvised hand grenade, a container filled with explosives, 6 containers- each with 5 liters of hydrogen peroxide, acetone bottles and M-16 and AK-47 ammunition.

The lab was detonated in a controlled manner by sappers.

Total of 19 Terrorists Apprehended
In other counter-terrorist operations throughout Judea and Samaria Monday night, IDF forces captured an additional 13 wanted terrorists.

Three of those apprehended were tracked to Shechem, four were in a village east of Herzliya, one in a village east of Ramallah, another south of Bethlehem, and four others in the Jerusalem suburbs of Abu Dis and Azariyeh. During the operation in the Bethlehem area, enemy elements threw an explosive device at soldiers. No injuries were reported.

Israel has concentrated its arrest campaign on Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists as part of the amnesty program that has spared Fatah terrorists unless they are "ticking bombs."

Sderot, Ashkelon Under Fire Again
Enemy forces in Gaza shattered the quiet in Sderot and Ashkelon after 8:00 am on Tuesday with the firing of four rockets at the southern cities.

One of the rockets exploded near a strategic facility in the port city of Ashkelon, officials revealed, adding that the attack caused no damage or injuries. The targeted facility was not identified. Ashkelon is home to a major electricity generating station, as well as oil and gas pipelines.

In Sderot, smoke was seen rising from the town cemetery. Officials are investigating to ascertain if there was any damage. No injuries were reported.

Terrorists fired 12 rockets on Monday on the Sderot area and at the Erez crossing. The resumed rocket fire ends a brief period of quiet.