Terrorists Arrested, Self-Proclaimed Messiah Shot by Hamas

Two terrorists were arrested in Shechem Tuesday after a 20-hour manhunt. Hamas shot a man who claimed to be the Muslim messiah.

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Two terrorists from Fatah and Hamas were arrested in Shechem Tuesday after a 20-hour manhunt. IDF sources say one of the men was previously involved in a suicide bombing in Jerusalem.

A weapons cache near where the terrorists were caught contained two mortar shells that were to be used to create bombs.

IDF soldiers arrested five other wanted terrorists on Tuesday night, in Kalkilya. The detainees are being questioned.

An Arab terrorist hurled firebombs at IDF troops on a counter-terrorism operation Tuesday night in the village of Anabta, east of Tul Karem. The Arab threw three firebombs and was about to throw a fourth when he was shot by the IDF. His condition is unknown. No IDF injuries were reported.

Hamas Shoots Man Claiming to be Muslim Messiah
A Gaza man incurred the anger of a Hamas-affiliated preacher in Gaza Tuesday by claiming to be the Mahdi, or Muslim redeemer. The man went to the Imam to seek his endorsement and instruct him to tell Muslims to follow his instructions.

The Imam reacted by summoning armed Hamas men, who arrived and told the self-proclaimed redeemer to take back his claims. When the man continued to insist that he was the Mahdi, police shot him in the foot and then released him.

Another Maan report says a Gaza family was attacked Monday after refusing to allow Hamas terrorists to paint pro-Hamas slogans on the walls of their home. Several hours following the refusal, the house was attacked, with two grenades thrown at the building.  The house was damaged, but none of the residents were hurt. 

Judea and Samaria Arabs Stock up on Arms
The price of weapons in Judea, Samaria and Gaza has continued to soar amidst fears of a new breakout of clashes between rival terrorists, Reuters reports. The price of an M-16 semi-automatic rifle has risen to approximately $11,000 in Hevron, double the price of two years ago.

In Jenin, a single bullet for an AK-47 assault rifle currently costs almost $9, whereas the price in Gaza is less than $1.50 a bullet.

Israeli-Arab Who Transported Terrorist Facing Justice
The Haifa district court is expected to reach a verdict on Wednesday in the case of Fikri Mansour, an Israel Arab from the northern town of Jat, who is accused of transporting a suicide bomber in 2005.  Mansour allegedly brought the bomber to the Hadera market, where he murdered six people and wounded dozens more.

Mansour has been charged with six counts of being an accomplice to murder, dozens of counts of assisting in an attempted murder, being an accomplice to an attack causing injury, aiding the enemy in a time of war, and illegal transport.