Holiday Security Roundup

IDF counter-terror arrests continue; terrorists threw a firebomb and Fatah-Hamas clashes in Gaza left dozens wounded.

Ezra HaLevi and staff,

IDF counter-terror arrests continue; terrorists threw a firebomb and Fatah-Hamas clashes in Gaza left dozens wounded.

Terrorists Target Motorist
Arab terrorists threw Molotov cocktails at an Israeli driver on Saturday. The attack took place near an Arab village northeast of Ramallah.  The driver was not injured.

IDF soldiers arrived at the scene and apprehended four of the attackers.

Counter-Terror Arrests
IDF soldiers arrested 11 wanted terrorists early on Sunday morning.  Eight of the terrorists were arrested in the Bethlehem region. Two terrorists were arrested in Hevron, and one was arrested near Ramallah.  The detainees have been taken to security services for questioning.

Illegals Arrested
Police arrested 64 PA Arabs Saturday in and around Tel Aviv.  The 64 do not have Israeli citizenship and therefore were not legally allowed to be in such parts of Israel, which are not under PA control.

The detainees have been taken to local police stations for questioning.  Police will attempt to determine how they managed to infiltrate the area, and if they were illegally employed by local business owners.

Internecine Hamas-Fatah Violence
Terrorists opened fire on guards surrounding the Palestinian Authority’s Junaid prison in Shechem over the weekend. Terrorists in three cars launched a barrage of fire against the prison. No casualties were reported in the attack.

The Palestinian Authority security services declared a state of alert in wake of the attack.  PA governor of Shechem Jamal Muhaisin accused Hamas of providing the weapons used in the attack, in what he called an “outright challenge to Fatah's leadership.” Hamas spokesmen denied the charge.

Fatah and Hamas terrorists in Gaza fought an intense battle Friday night, leaving at least ten injured on both sides. One Fatah and two Hamas terrorists were severely hurt, while the rest suffered moderate to light injuries, doctors in Gaza said. The battle, which took place in a mosque, was said to have begun when Gaza's Hamas rulers placed a Hamas affiliated imam (cleric) in charge of a Mosque, of whom the majority of those attending were Fatah terrorists.

Egypt Allows Hamas Terrorists to Return to Gaza
According to Arab residents of Gaza, Egyptian authorities temporarily opened the Rafiah crossing on Saturday night in order to allow dozens of Hamas terrorists to enter Gaza.  Over 80 Hamas terrorists were reportedly allowed to enter Gaza after being stranded in Egypt by the closure of the Rafiah crossing after the Hamas takeover of Gaza in June.

Hundreds of Arabs in a similar situation were allowed to reenter Gaza via Israeli-controlled crossings in the western Negev earlier this year.  However, the Hamas terrorists, some of them reportedly senior members of the organization, were afraid that they would be apprehended by the IDF if they attempted to use an Israeli crossing.

Israeli-Arab Who Killed Girl Still in Custody; Blames Girl's Parents
Assad Shibli, the Arab who ran over and killed nine year old Tal Zino outside the synagogue in Kfar Tavor on Erev Yom Kippur, will remain in custody for at least another week, after a court extended his remand Friday.

In an interview, Shibli said that he had not intentionally killed the girl, and that his high speed run on an ATV outside the packed synagogue, where dozens of children circulated,, minutes before Yom Kippur services were to start, was not an intentional act of terrorism, as many Israeli Jews have charged. He also said that the girl's parents should share in the blame. “Where were they and how did they let their daughter roam the streets on her bicycle?” Shibli asked.