On Eve of Jewish New Year: 5.45 Million Jews in Israel

The population of Israel is 7.2 million - up 1.17% over last year - including 5.447 million Jews and 1.438 million Arabs.

Hillel Fendel,


The population of Israel is 7.2 million - up 1.17% over last year - including 5.447 million Jews and 1.438 million Arabs.  The Jewish population climbed nearly 1%, while the Arab sector climbed 1.8%; the latter figure continues the downward trend of recent years.

Israel's population is considered a young one by Western standards.  14-year-olds and younger comprise 28% of the population, compared with 17% in other Western countries.

49.4% of the population are men; among those aged 75 and older, just over 40% are men.

The statistic released by the Central Bureau of Statistics on unmarried men and women is not very revealing.  It indicates that just over 75% of Jewish men between the ages of 20 and 29 are not married, as are 58.6% of the women in this age bracket.  This is a jump of almost 9% for men, and nearly 20% for women, in the past six years.

However, no breakdown of bachelorhood is given for those in their early 20s as opposed to their late 20s, nor are numbers provided for singles over the age of 29.

The rate of Jewish divorces outstrips that of the Moslems in Israel.  76% of the marriages in 2006 were Jewish, and 20% were Moslem - but Jewish divorces comprised 89% of the total, while Moslem divorces were only 10% of the total.

The number of births was up 3% in 2006, to 148,170.  The number of children per woman rose for Jews and dropped for Moslems - but the Jews are still behind.  Jewish women have an average of 2.75 children, while Moslems have 3.97 (down from 4.26 in 2004).

Car Accidents
Car accidents continue to drop.  414 people were killed on the roads in 2006, compared with 448 the year before.  The total for 2006 was the lowest in 15 years.  The numbers do not include totals for Judea and Samaria.

In 2006, construction on 29,700 apartments was begun - a drop of 4.7% from 2005.  Construction was completed on 29,900 apartments - a drop of 8.5% from the year before.

A Sweet New Year
Possibly the most specific statistic released today: The IDF's food division is preparing to supply over 40 tons of apples to its soldiers for the Rosh HaShanah holiday - and four tons of honey.  They will wash this down with 20 tons of honey cake and six tons of pomegranates.

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