Foreign Leftists in Shechem Thwart Counter-Terror Missions

Foreign leftists are exploiting their tourist status to help Arab terrorists. They have posted on the web their tactics to interfere with the IDF.

Ezra HaLevi,

A video released by “internationals” in Shechem (Nablus) – foreign citizens who travel to Israel as tourists and then seek to act as human shields for wanted terrorists – has been uploaded onto the Internet as counter-terror operations in the city continue.

The video, from earlier this month, shows the left-wing extremists blocking the way into one of the most violent neighborhoods of the city with martyr posters hanging overhead and local Arabs screaming Allahu Akbar. The footage shows them taunting IDF soldiers, saying: “It will look bad on the news that six internationals were run over by your jeep” as they block the way before IDF jeeps.

The IDF is carrying out a counter-terrorist operation in the heart of Shechem, targeting explosives labs and Hamas facilities.

IDF soldiers located a weapons lab in Shechem early Wednesday morning.  It contained large quantities of materials for manufacturing explosives and bomb belts used in suicide bombings – including shrapnel ready to be added for maximal casualties.  The facility was reportedly shared by all of the local terrorist groups and was destroyed in a controlled explosion.

Soldiers entered six Hamas offices in the city and confiscated computers and other equipment. Two terrorists – one from Hamas and one from Islamic Jihad – were arrested.

Three soldiers were wounded during the operation when local PA Arabs threw a bomb at their vehicle.  One soldier was in moderate condition with a hand injury, while two others were lightly wounded. They were evacuated to Petah Tikvah’s Beilinson Hospital.

Their jeep was severely damaged in the attack, which took place near the city’s Casbah marketplace.

Another bomb was thrown at IDF soldiers early Wednesday in the village of Kabatiya, south of Jenin.  No injuries were reported in the attack.

Counter-Terrorist Arrests Elsewhere
IDF soldiers arrested 20 wanted terrorists overnight: six in the Hevron region, three in Bethlehem, three in a village near Kalkilya, three in Kafr Ra’ai – southeast of Jenin, one in Tul Karem, one in Shechem and one in Dir a-Sudan – north of Ramallah.

The terrorists were handed over for interrogation.