Hevron's Marzel Tells Kuwait TV Why Disengagement Was Good

Hevron activist Baruch Marzel, interviewed on Kuwait's TV station, explained why the Disengagement was good and why a PA state won't be formed.

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Baruch Marzel in protest mode
Baruch Marzel in protest mode

Hevron activist Baruch Marzel, interviewed on Kuwait's television station, explained why the Disengagement was good and why a PA state won't be formed.

Marzel, a leading member of the currently-outlawed Kach organization, and the Kuwaiti TV station recently came to a surprising agreement to speak to one another.  A resident of Jewish Hevron with his wife and nine children for over two decades, Marzel explained to the NRG-Maariv website why he agreed to the interview:  "I don't see that BBC has any fewer anti-Semites than the Kuwaiti television - and even on the Israeli channels there is great anti-Semitism..."

Marzel explained why he now views the expulsion/withdrawal from Gaza - which he strongly opposed and worked against - in a positive light: "This was Ariel Sharon's plan to clean out the whole Gaza area of Arabs.  He said that if the Jews are not removed, it won't be possible to get the Arabs out," because the Jews bring blessing to the area.  "We'll yet return to Gush Katif [in Gaza], but this time there will hardly be any Arabs; they will have all left, because we left."

Similarly, when asked if he fears an expulsion of the Jewish community in Hevron, Marzel said, "No - if only because the Arabs don't want us to go.  I think they are praying that [we remain], because you see what happened here where Jews are not found.  Ever since we arrived in Hevron [in 1979], there has been much blessing in this city; ask the store-owners." 

Marzel, who ran for Knesset in the last two elections, lives in the neighborhood of Admot Yishai (Tel Romeida).

Asked if fears another murderous pogrom in Hevron as happened in 1929 [when Arabs murdered 67 of their Jewish neighbors], Marzel said, "We are ready and prepared for all developments.  We have much equipment and weapons, and we are training."

The long-time activist said he does not oppose allowing free mobility to Arabs even in the Jewish area of Hevron: "I am in favor of opening up the whole city to everyone. If I'm allowed to walk everywhere, I will let them walk everywhere.  But if I can't go into H1 [the area closed to Jews], then they won't be able to enter H2 [the much smaller Jewish area]. You have to understand that we are returning, and the place is ours; whoever raises a hand against us will pay a price.  The government promised us that every time Jews are hurt, Arab business will also be harmed - and that's what's happening."

For similar reasons, Marzel feels, a much-touted Palestinian state will never arise, "because the Arabs are just running away. We estimate the number of Arabs who have left Hevron as 40,000 [the current population is estimated at 120,000-140,000 - ed.]... Everyone understands that there will not be a Palestinian state.  There will be two million Jews in Judea and Samaria, and the Arabs who do not leave but rather fight against us - we will remove."

Marzel agrees that Hamas is a more dangerous enemy than Fatah: "Hamas members are religious believers; we will fight them....  If I was the Prime Minister, I would tell Hamas they have a few hours to leave before I kill them... But Abu Mazen [PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas] and his guys - we'll just give them some graft and we'll get along with them."