Food Rockets Fired at Gaza

A group of Tel Aviv activists launches a barrage of edible rockets at Gaza to raise awareness of the western Negev security situation.

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Hana Levi Julian,

Tel Aviv residents fed up with the constant rocket attacks fired at the western Negev by terrorists in northern Gaza have found a novel way to call the public’s attention to the grim situation.

The activists drove south on Thursday with crates of organic eggs and vegetables – and proceeded to fire the food at Gaza using a homemade launcher.

An IDF unit rushed to the launch site to stop what appeared to be a rocket attack, and was told by group spokesman Yigal Tzur, “We mean to shoot at Gaza.”

Once it became clear that the rocket barrage was really just a large-scale “food fight,” the IDF officer in charge of the region allowed the “attack” to continue.

The organic missile launcher, which was loaded with organic eggs, tomatoes, mangoes, corn a
'We actually spotted the eggs flying into Beit Hanoun.'
nd other vegetables, was built by pyrotechnics and stunts expert Yahav Michaeli. Most of the “ammunition” was bought in the Kassam rocket-battered city of Sderot.

“The shooting was amazing,” smiled Tzur. “Some of the vegetables flew whole over to the Strip. We actually spotted the eggs flying into Beit Hanoun.”

On a more serious note, Tzur told aYnet reporter, “I’m glad we did this, because we were able to arouse awareness and put a smile on the fact of the residents.” Tzur said the grim reality faced by residents of Sderot and other western Negev communities has led to “a sort of emotional stagnation” in the country.

“We need to shake people up, and we thought that this sort of [attack] on Beit Hanoun would be a type of peaceful shooting.” Tzur said he is now working on a bigger and better launcher that will be able to lob whole cabbages.

He added that the group’s next target may be the Knesset building.

The next day (Friday), two genuine Kassam rockets fired from Gaza landed in Sderot, sending several people into shock - two were taken to a hospital in Ashkelon - and causing damage to at least one house.  Another rocket caused damage to an animal pen in a nearby Kibbutz.