Gaza 2002 Tank-Bomber Caught, Four Kassams Fired Overnight

The killer of three IDF tankists in 2002 has been apprehended. 4 rockets were fired at the western Negev.

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Ezra HaLevi,

The Shabak (General Security Service) announced Wednesday night that the killer of three IDF tankists in 2002 has been apprehended. Four Kassam rockets were fired at the western Negev.

The Shabak said that Nahad Akra, 39, a member of Gaza’s pan-factional Popular Resistance Committee, has been apprehended after a lengthy pursuit. Akra was captured ten days ago and during his interrogation confessed to having orchestrated the Februrary, 2002 bomb attack on an Israeli tank.

The tank attack was carried out by bombing a civilian vehicle, waiting until the tank came to help, and then detonating a much larger explosive device buried beneath the sandy road – exploding the tank and killing its three passengers.

Akra received training while working in the Fatah-controlled Palestinian Authority’s intelligence service. He is accused of involvement in several other terror attacks as well.

Gaza Fighting, Kassam Rocket Fire
IDF soldiers exchanged fire with terrorists in Gaza Wednesday, with three terrorists killed, at least two from Hamas. Terrorists fired at Israeli civilians working near the Gaza security fence earlier Wednesday.

Four Kassam rockets were fired by Gaza terrorists at Israeli towns in the western Negev Wednesday night. The rockets landed in open areas near Sderot, without wounding anybody or doing any damage.
Near Jenin, PA Arabs hurled a bomb at IDF soldiers operating in a village west of the city. No injuries were reported. Southwest of Bethlehem, a firebomb was tossed at soldiers – also failing to inflict injury. South of Ramallah, terrorists opened fire on IDF troops. One was apprehended and no injuries were reported. In Shechem, terrorists opened fire on IDF troops, who then arrested four men. No injuries were reported.

Throughout Judea and Samaria, IDF forces arrested 19 wanted terrorists overnight Wednesday and early Thursday.
Jewish civilians were attacked by Arab terrorists with rocks driving west of Ramallah, and with a Molotov Cocktail northwest of Shechem. No injuries were reported in either attack, though vehicles were heavily damaged.