Gaza Terrorists Pound Western Negev with Kassam Rockets

The Islamic Jihad fired 5 Kassam rockets Monday morning at Kibbutz Niram near Sderot. No injuries. No response from the IDF.

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field on fire
field on fire

The Islamic Jihad terrorist organization continued its Kassam rocket campaign Monday morning with 5 shellings on Kibbutz Niram, adjacent to Sderot. Damage was caused to irrigation equipment. No one was wounded. Two other rockets fell short of their mark, and landed inside Gaza.

The Red Alert warning system was sounded in Sderot which, according to the town's social workers, sends thousands of locals into trauma and panic.

The IDF spokesman confirmed that the army has not responded to Monday's bombardments.

Click to hear a "Color Red" alert, followed 15 ultra-tense seconds later by the shriek of a rocket and an explosion. The recording, made by a Sderot resident and sent to Arutz-7, begins with loudspeakers announcing Tzeva Adom [Color Red].  The resident said he aims to give the public a sense of what he, his family and his neighbors have been made to suffer often several times a day over the past weeks.

Hamas has announced that it is taking a break from firing Kassam rockets at Israeli civilian targets and will focus on IDF positions instead.

Last week, Hamas terrorists fired a volley of five mortar shells on targets in north Gaza including the Erez Crossing. Four Israeli soldiers were wounded.

Security sources say the decision by Hamas to desist from firing Kassams is a result of Israeli military pressure, leading to domestic Arab pressure from the Gaza streets.