Mortars Fired, Terrorists Arrested, Stone-Thrower Nabbed

The Air Force killed two terrorists and the IDF arrested others as rocket and mortar attacks continued. Abbas cancelled his meeting with PM Olmert.

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Ezra HaLevi,

IDF soldiers on an arrest operation
IDF soldiers on an arrest operation
Israel’s Air Force killed two terrorists placing a bomb near Gaza’s Jabalya village Tuesday night.

PA reports say one of the terrorists was merely wounded.

Two Kassam rockets were fired at the western Negev shortly before the air strike. Thankfully the rockets landed in open areas; no damage or injuries were reported.

Arab terrorists fired eight mortar shells on army positions near the Erez Crossing Wednesday morning. No injuries were reported.

Shortly after the attacks, the office of Fatah chief and PLO chairman Mahmoud Abbas released a statement that the meeting scheduled for Thursday with Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has been postponed in protest of the IDF’s continued counter-terror operations.

Judea and Samaria
An IDF officer was lightly wounded by family members of a terrorist during an operation in Hevron Tuesday night. The officer and his soldiers entered an Arab home to arrest a wanted terrorist and were ambushed by members of the family, who tried to take his gun away.

Other troops opened fire on the attackers, killing one man and wounding three family members. The wanted terrorist was arrested and the family claims it was shot at indiscriminately.

In Jenin, PA Arabs threw a bomb at IDF troops operating in Jenin. No injuries or damage were reported.

Ten wanted terrorists, five from Hamas in Shechem, were arrested in Judea and Samaria overnight.

Terrorist Behind Efrat Stone-Attack Nabbed
It was released for publication that the Arab rock-thrower who wounded an Efrat woman in an attack in Gush Etzion last month was arrested just days after it took place.

Mahmoud Hamdan Wahash, 18, was arrested on May 13, five days after an attack near Efrat’s northern entrance that left Esther Malka hospitalized, in serious condition from a being struck by a rock to the head. Suspected stone-thrower Wahash is from the nearby Arab village of El-Khader.

Wahash told investigators that he was involved in the attack and described the details, admitting that he hurled rocks toward several vehicles at the location in which Malka was injured.

Wahash admitted planning and coordinating additional terror attacks against Israeli civilians traveling on Route 60 (the Jerusalem-Hevron highway) as well as his involvement in several attacks against IDF forces using Molotov cocktails. Wahash also said he was considering joining Hamas because of his desire to kill Jewish people.