Anti-Gay Pride March C'tee Wants Half-Million People at Rally

Committee for Cancellation of the Gay Pride March has applied for permission to hold a mammoth rally against the homosexuals' planned parade

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Hareidi-religious demonstration
Hareidi-religious demonstration
The Committee for Cancellation of the Gay Pride March filed a request Sunday to hold a mammoth protest, attended by half a million people, at the entrance to Jerusalem. The request was made after police told representatives of the homosexual community they would be allowed to march through Jerusalem on June 21st.

The Commander of the Israel Police's Jerusalem Region, Maj.-Gen Ilan Franco, met Sunday with representatives of Jerusalem's homosexual activist group, "Open House," and told them that a green light had been granted for holding the "Gay Pride March" – known to detractors as the "Abomination March"– in the Holy City on June 21st.

The police said that the location of the march and its format had not been decided yet. However, "Open House" representatives claimed that Franco had agreed to let the parade march through central Jerusalem and to provide large scale security.

The previous homosexual march planned for Jerusalem was replaced by a rally at the closed-off university stadium after strong protests by hareidi-religious Jews, which included threats of violence. An earlier parade ended with the stabbing of several participants by one man.

'The idea of renewing the Gay Pride event is an existential threat to the People of Israel,' the Council of Yesha Rabbis said

"We will act legally, but if there is a demonstration by hundreds of thousands [against the march], the possibility of holding [it] in Jerusalem will be erased," said Committee representatives.

Earlier Sunday, the Committee reportedly published a call by “all Orthodox Rabbis in Israel” to work toward the cancellation of the march in Jerusalem.

The Council of Yesha (Judea, Samaria and Gaza) Rabbis published a letter Sunday in which they asked everyone to do all they could, through legal means, to prevent the march from taking place. They wrote: “We were shocked to the depth of our souls to see that the evil of the people who terrorized Israel last autumn is still going strong and the shame of Israel is open before the world.”

“The idea of renewing the Gay Pride event is an existential threat to the People of Israel,” the Council said. "Every soul is filled with dread in the face of the repeated intention of defiling Jerusalem in a provocative way, through use of impurities.

Ronen Reiss, a member of the Committee for Cancellation of the Gay Pride March, said that following the Police's decision, they have begun printing posters calling on people to forcefully resist the parade that will "defile the holy city."

The posters will bear the signatures of prominent rabbis from different streams within Orthodox Judaism, including Rabbi Yosef Shalom Elyashiv, former Sephardic Chief Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu, former Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi Avraham Shapira, Yesha Rabbis, and many more.