Hamas Continues Bombardment of Israeli Targets

The tenth Kassam rocket this week was fired Friday as Hamas openly threatened it could fire hundreds of rockets a day on Israel's towns and cities.

Ezra HaLevi,

Hamas terrorists
Hamas terrorists
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The tenth Kassam rocket this week was fired Friday as Hamas openly threatened that it could fire hundreds of rockets a day on Israeli towns and cities in the next war with Israel.

Hamas’s English web site published a statement Friday about the volley of rockets and mortar shells fired last Tuesday, on Israel’s Independence Day. “Al-Qassam Brigades confirmed that the rockets which were fired [Tuesday] are not the best that we have. [Hamas spokesman] Abu Obaida confirmed that the rockets are ‘just a message to the Zionist forces that we are in the resistance playground and that we have many means which can be used.’”

The message boasted that Hamas possesses a huge number of rockets it is able to rapidly deploy and denied that Hamas attempted a kidnapping that was thwarted during Tuesday’s rocket barrage.

Fatah Claims Fired Ten Rockets
Fatah's Al-Aksa Brigades claimed it shot ten rockets and mortar shells Saturday at western Negev tagets such as the Nahal Oz IDF base and a "military airstrip south of Asheklon," according to PA-run Ma'an News Agency.

Bomb Attack Foiled
IDF forces from the Givati Brigade’s Rotem Battalion killed Hamas terrorists who were planting a bomb near the Gaza border fence Saturday. The soldiers spotted the terrorists, who opened fire, and chased them on the Gaza side of the border, shooting three dead and seriously injuring a fourth.

The attempted bombing took place near the Kissufim Crossing, which used to be used by Israeli residents of Gush Katif prior to the 2005 Disengagement.

Hamas took responsibility for the terrorists and named them as Abdel Khalim Fiumi, 27, Said Khiles, 21, and Mohammed Suki, 24.

Another terrorist, a member of the Hamas-affiliated Popular Resistance Committee, was killed in Gaza when a bomb he was transporting went off prematurely.

The IDF says that more than 50 attempts to plant bombs near the Gaza fence have been recorded since Israel unilaterally enacted a cease-fire policy toward Hamas last November.

In Judea and Samaria, security forces arrested four wanted terrorists overnight Saturday.

Friday morning, 25 PA Arabs residing in Israel illegally were arrested in the Tel Aviv region. Two Israelis were also arrested for employing illegal workers.

An IDF force discovered an explosive device that had been placed near the separation fence bordering on central Gaza. The force carried out a controlled detonation of the device.

IDF soldiers were targeted by gunfire on Saturday in Shechem. No injuries were reported.

Internal PA Killing
A Fatah Presidential Guard militia officer was killed Friday in an exchange of gunfire with local Gazans at the Rafiah border between Gaza and Egypt.

Three others were wounded in the clashes, which began when a man tried to pass through by force, opening fire with a weapon he was carrying after being prevented free passage, according to Fatah men.

Others at the terminal say locals were throwing rocks and all the shots fired came from various Fatah armed factions.

The terminal remained open throughout the twenty-minute gun battle. European observers reported that there was no reason to close the terminal as the shooting took place outside.