Hamas Recruits Children to Terror Squads Via TV Programs

A new Hamas video broadcast in PA-controlled areas encourages the participation of children in terrorism.

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Ezra HaLevi,

Screen shot from Hamas video
Screen shot from Hamas video
(Photo: PMW)

A new Hamas video broadcast in PA-controlled areas encourages the participation of children in terrorism.

The video focuses on Hamas founder Ahmad Yassin and portrays young children as continuing the slain Islamist sheikh’s legacy. Children are portrayed wearing uniforms, holding rifles and participating in military training.

Click here to see the Hamas video.

 The lyrics of the video, translated by Palestinian Media Watch, stress the children's connection to Yassin:

"These are the acts of the Martyrdom-Seekers
Ahmad [Yassin] did not die
Do not mourn.
These are the acts of Martyrdom-Seekers
Palestine – one of its leader is Ahmad Yassin
Its children carry the knife.
Palestine – among its leaders is Ayyash [Hamas bombmaker]
Its children carry machine guns.
The land is filled with furious lions
Even though they killed our Yassin
The land will grow a thousand Ahmad!”
[Al-Aqsa TV, March 25, 2007]

This is the second Hamas TV video in less than a week promoting terrorist activities to children. The first was the video dramatization of the 4-year old daughter of female suicide bomber Reem Riyashi, singing to her dead mother and vowing to follow in her footsteps. 

The following is the text of the song that Duha, Reem's daughter, sings to her mother in the video dramatization:

[Daughter sees mother preparing explosives sticks]

"Mommy, what are you carrying
in your arms instead of me?

[Mother turns to hide bomb]

A toy or a present for me?...
Mommy Reem!
Why did you put on your veil?
Are you going out, Mommy?...
Come back quickly, Mommy
I can't sleep without you,
unless you tell me and Ubaydah [her brother] a bedtime story.

[Daughter sees mother's picture and news story about bombing on PA TV]

My mother, my mother,
Me and Ubaydah are awake and waiting for you
to come to put us to sleep.
Me and Ubaydah, oh Mommy,
still need you to wipe our tears...
Instead of me you carried a bomb in your hands.
Only now, I know what was more precious than us...
May your steps be blessed,
and may you be flawless for Jerusalem.
Me and Ubaydah wish we were there with you.

[Images of her mother's grave and the graves of other terrorists,
including Aayat Al-Akhras, 17-year-old female suicide terrorist]

Send greetings to our Messenger [Muhammad] and tell him:
'Duha loves you.'
My love will not be [merely] words.
I am following Mommy in her steps.

[Finds explosives that mother left in her drawer,
picks up stick of explosives]

Oh Mommy, oh Mommy."