Former Supreme Court Judge Threatens New Justice Minister

Former Supreme Court Judge Mishael Heshin threatened Israel’s new Justice Minister Daniel Friedman Wednesday, saying he would “chop off the hand” of he who limits the power of Israel's judiciary.

Ezra HaLevi , | updated: 21:02

In a personal letter Heshin sent to Friedman, warned Friedman not to attempt to limit the ever-increasing power of the court. “The Supreme Court is very dear to my heart. I am part of it. So was my father and I will not let anyone harm it,” he wrote.

“I will not allow any man to stand in the way of the court,” Heshin continued. “Like a gladiator in the ring I will chop off the hand of anyone who tries to lift his hand against the Supreme Court, and you know what I mean, and you know how the gladiator fights ended.”

When Israel Radio questioned Heshin about the letter, he said that although Friedman is qualified for the position, there are others who are more qualified. “Danny Friedman…has mostly excelled at ceaselessly attacking the Supreme Court and singling out its president, Dorit Beinisch,” he said. "He has been the harshest critic of the court, using every tool of destruction, any explosives that are available.”

Hevron activist Itamar Ben-Gvir filed a police complaint against Heshin following the release of the letter. Ben-Gvir filed the complaint on the grounds that Heshin insulted a public servant and used threats.