Manhigut Yehudit Conference Tuesday to "Start the Revolution"

Manhigut Yehudit (Jewish Leadership), the movement that has signed thousands of Land of Israel loyalists up for membership in the Likud Party, is holding a conference Tuesday evening.

Ezra HaLevi, | updated: 10:19

The faction, led by former anti-Oslo Accords protest leader and Likud leader candidate Moshe Feiglin, is seeking to expand its formidable influence within the Likud under the assumption that the party will return to power in the near future.

Honored at the conference with lighting the Chanukah menorah will be Jonathan Pollard, IDF soldiers who refused expulsion-related orders, hilltop residents, teenage anti-expulsion arrestees and new immigrants to Israel.

Organizers say the conference will kick off a renewed push toward bringing about an alternative leadership for the State of Israel. Feiglin wrote last week: “It is urgent to replace the culture of perfidy with a culture of loyalty: Loyalty to our spouses, to our family, to our Jewish heritage, our Jewish identity, our Land, our fellow Jews and our G-d. This is nothing short of a revolution…Now it is in your hands. [The conference] will help to jump-start the revolution. You owe it to yourself, your children and your People to be there.”

Former Gush Katif spokesman Eran Sternberg will chair the conference, and speakers will include former MK Moshe Peled and Rabbis Shmuel Eliyahu and Uri Sharki.

Taking place on the fifth night of Chanukah, the menorah will be kindled by people who acted in the spirit of the Macabbees, organizers explain.

Jailed American Jewish naval intelligence officer Jonathan Pollard was invited to light the first candle, but it will be lit instead by his wife Esther. Shoshi Greenfield, whose brother was killed in the summer’s Lebanon War, will light the second one; she caused a stir when she delivered an impassioned eulogy for her brother, calling upon IDF soldiers loyal to the land of Israel to refuse to fight the “War For the Convergence Plan” and demanded that then-IDF Chief Rabbi Yisrael Weiss leave the funeral for his role in the Disengagement. Teenage girls who refused to recognize Israel’s court system, demanding to be tried instead by the Sanhedrin and sitting in jail for months as a result, will light the third. Residents of hilltop “outpost” communities who received administrative orders banning them from their homes will light the fourth candle. Finally, IDF soldiers who refused orders and stood up against the Disengagement will light the fifth.

The Manhigut Yehudit conference is dedicated in memory of Arutz-7 broadcaster Adir Zik, and will feature musical performances by Aharon Razel and Ariel Zilber, both of whom moved to Gaza prior to the expulsion.

New immigrants to Israel are being honored as well. Manhigut Yehudit Educational Director David Shirel says that the conference features a special focus this year on galvanizing the ideological enthusiasm of Western olim (immigrants to Israel) toward effecting change in the Jewish state.

The conference will take place at Jerusalem’s Renaissance Hotel at 7 PM tonight (Tuesday).

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