Declassified IDF Photos and Footage Expose Hizbullah Tactics

The IDF has decided to release photos, documents and videos proving Hizbullah's intentional use of civilians to shield its weapons, missile-launchers and surveillance equipment. A selection follows:

Ezra HaLevi , | updated: 2:51 PM

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Hizbullah weapons storage rooms (in red) on the ground floor of a building with civilian shops in Sultaniyeh village.
A rocket launcher about 20 feet from a home in the village of Abassi
A van filled with missiles parked next to a mosque
An anti-aircraft unit next to private homes
Close-up of the mobile anti-aircraft unit
A Kornet missile launcher in a courtyard
Hibzullah infrastructure incorporated into the village of Maroun A-Ras
A bunker used by Hizbullah terrorists below a home
View inside the bunker
A Hizbullah structure built in the midst of a populated area and up against a mosque and cemetery
A weapons cache found next to a private home.
An arms warehouse in Qana built up against a mosque
Missiles found in a Hizbullah weapons cache
Anti-tank missiles in a storage room attached to a private home
Anti-tank missiles found in a car in Marwahin
A Katyusha missile is launched from a residential high-rise building
A survey of the ranges of the various missiles remaining in Hizbullah's possession
A map noting the number of missiles fired from each location in Lebanon
Translated target-sheets with trajectories targeting Israeli cities and communities, found at launch-sites
Shrapnel from missiles fired at northern Israeli towns and cities
A high-powered camera and other surveillance equipment found in use inside a Lebanese living room
A listening station located in a living room of a private home
An extensive observation center in a residential building
A Hizbullah frequency scanner found in a home used as a base for surveillance of IDF forces
Poster displaying Israeli military equipment for study by members of Hizbullah

The full report, hosted on the web site of the American Jewish Congress, is available here

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