Maj.-Gen. Yaakov Amidror To Address Bet El/Arutz-7 NY Dinner

Maj.-Gen. (ret.) Yaakov Amidror, former IDF Intelligence Research deputy head, will deliver the keynote address at the gala dinner of the American Friends of the Bet El Yeshiva Center and Arutz-7.

Baruch Gordon, | updated: 12:34

The dinner will be held, Sunday evening, December 3rd, at New York's Marriot Marquis Hotel. Major-General (ret.)
Major-General Yaacov Amidror
Amidror will be speaking on his assessment of the strategic threats against Israel emanating from Iran, Lebanon, and Gaza. Amidror was an outspoken opponent of Ariel Sharon’s Disengagement Plan, often warning of the very security dangers which subsequently materialized.

The theme of this year's annual celebration is, "Bet El: Where Jewish History Began and Where Jewish Life Continues to Thrive."

With the establishment of the Bet El Yeshiva Center community in the barren hills of Binyamin north of Jerusalem in 1978, Jewish sovereign life returned to this biblical town for the first time in some 2,000 years. The institutions within this massive educational complex are responsible for teaching more than twelve hundred students in its post-graduate Yeshiva and Kollel, Yeshivat Hesder (combining Torah study with army service in IDF combat units), Teachers College, Yeshiva High School for boys and two Ulpanot High Schools for young women. The Gluck Pre-Military Academy sends graduates for intensive and lengthy army service.

Bet El's most well-known undertaking is the Arutz Sheva Israel National News network.

Launched in 1988, Arutz Sheva Israel National News (IsraelNN) includes a multi-lingual and multi-media online magazine, daily email news service, radio and TV broadcasts with its traditional Jewish-Zionist programming reaching millions around the globe. In addition, the Bet El Yeshiva Center operates its “virtual yeshiva” site:, which brings Torat Eretz Yisrael via its multi-media site to hundreds of thousands throughout the world in both Hebrew and English.

The most recent addition to the news network is the Hebrew-language B'Sheva weekly newspaper, Israel's third largest circulation publication.

Joining Jean and Eugen Gluck, Chairman of the American Friends of Bet El/Arutz-7 at this year’s gala dinner, will be Arutz Sheva staff members Executive-Director Yaakov “Ketzaleh” Katz, Senior Correspondent Rabbi Yedidya Atlas, and popular English Radio show host Alex Traiman. The honorees will be Guest of Honor Rabbi Dr. Yehuda Bohrer, Shomer Bet El awardees Gail and Michael Weisbrod, Aishet Chayil awardee Mrs. Nechama Kapelius, and Young Leadership awardees Shulamis and David Teiler.

Known as one of the largest Zionist dinners in America with upwards of 1,500 attendees, interested parties can receive reservation information and the like via email: or telephone/fax: 718-263-1647.