President Calls For \"Sanhedrin-Type Body\"


President Moshe Katzav has called for the establishment of a \"Sanhedrin-type\" body that will deal with all the halakhic [Jewish legal] issues of our day. At a ceremony marking the dedication of a synagogue in the President\'s Home last week, Katzav said, \"I call upon the rabbis of all streams of Judaism - the Chief Rabbis, the Council of Torah Sages, the Council of Torah Giants, and well-known rabbinic figures in Israel and the Diaspora - to establish an umbrella body, like a Sanhedrin…\" The call came in the framework of a larger call for unity and an end to disputes within the Jewish people. Katzav expressed pride in the fact that the President\'s Home, unlike Presidential palaces all over the world, is marked by simplicity, \"and now, with the addition of a synagogue here, with a sign that this is a Jewish State.\"