Three Planes of Jewish Immigrants From Canada, US & UK Arrive

Three airplanes filled with Jewish immigrants – from the United States, Canada and England – touched down in Israel Wednesday. The day marked a new record in Aliyah from the West.

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Ezra HaLevi, | updated: 19:24

The three flights were organized by the Nefesh b’Nefesh Aliyah assistance organization, in conjunction with the Jewish Agency.

The plane from the United Kingdom was the first, and marks an expansion of Nefesh b’Nefesh’s operations beyond North America – from where the groups's first 18 flights took off. In his speech to the newcomers, NBN co-founder Rabbi Yehoshua Fass said that the organization would soon be launching its Aliyah assistance programs in Mexico as well.

“You shall inherit the land and you shall settle it,” Rabbi Fass told the crowd of new arrivals. “The moment you step off the plane you inherit the product of many years of sacrifice, blood and tears. Now you must settle the land, loving and embracing it.”

The Re-Engagement war and the days-old ceasefire were on many arrivals’ minds, and the decision to come despite the difficult situation was a prominent theme in the welcome speeches by dignitaries. The president of El Al said that some of the pilots who flew the new immigrants to their new home were flying fighter jets in Lebanon just days ago.

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert also attended the ceremony, saying Aliyah is the greatest expression of confidence in Israel’s future.

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