Haaretz´s Gideon Levy Published Extensively by Hamas

Extensive passages from a Haaretz article by Gideon Levy, in which he attacks Israel and the U.S., have been published by four different Hamas websites, and in the three PA daily newspapers.

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Hillel Fendel, | updated: 16:23

Itamar Marcus, head of the Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) watchdog organization, told Arutz-7's Hebrew newsmagazine today of this development.

"It often happens that Gideon Levy's articles, or those of others on the Israeli left, are published in part or in full in the Arab and anti-Israel press in various languages," Marcus said. "But this week Gideon Levy merited something the likes of which we do not remember: Long passages from one of his articles in Haaretz this week, in which he sharply attacks Israel and the U.S. for what he calls their 'alliance of bullies,' were published in no fewer than four Hamas internet sites in four different languages: Arabic, Persian, French and Malaysian. It was also published on the three daily PA papers - Al Hayat Al Jadeeda, Al Ayam, and Al Kuds."

Marcus reports that it often occurs that left-wing articles published in Israel are used as anti-Israeli propaganda in college campuses around the world. Arab elements often print up thousands of copies of the articles, distributing them under the headline, "What Israelis are saying about Israel."

Levy's May 28th article states, "The U.S. and Israel are today among the two most hated countries in the world. Both are responsible for a cruel conquest and the killing of innocents. Both fight against terrorism without relating to its true reasons and sources. Both of them endanger world peace."

Marcus noted that the PA translations of the articles were accurate, while the Hamas versions replaced the word "Israel" with the words "Zionist entity," among other similar changes.