Ashkelon Power Plant Employees Told Not to Gather in Groups

Concern over a possible Kassam rocket attack on the Rotenberg Power Station in southern Ashkelon has led to new guidelines at the plant: Not to walk in groups or to eat together in the dining rooms.

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Hillel Fendel, | updated: 11:37

A Rotenberg spokesman has confirmed that the new guidelines have indeed been issued. The reason for the new policy is the management's fear that a Kassam rocket might hit the plant.

The station supplies a quarter of Israel's electricity. It is widely felt that a direct rocket hit on the plant, and especially one with casualties, would lead to public demands for a military entry and operation in Gaza.

Approximately three Kassams have hit the area in or very close to the Rotenberg plant in recent weeks. One building was damaged.

The Ministry of Education recently issued a directive forbidding school trips to the power station and other sensitive installations north of Gaza - for reasons of Kassam-related threats.