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  Tevet 10, 5766 , 10/01/06

B´nai Noach Stand Before Sanhedrin, Request Approval For Council

(IsraelNN.com) The developing Sanhedrin, a project undertaken by leading rabbis from diverse religious groups to reestablish the Great Court, Judaism's highest legal authority, convened Monday to ordain a Noahide Council. The Noahide council, the first of its kind in history, aims to unite various groups of non-Jews, in order to advance and expand the movement, which seeks to bring about observance by all of humanity of the Seven Laws given to Noah after the Great Flood recorded in the book of Genesis.

Rabbi Adin Even-Israel Steinsaltz, Nassi (president) of the nascent Sanhedrin, told the ten B'nai Noah delegates that just as within the Jewish people there is a tribe of priests, with other tribes holding other equally important duties, the Jewish people are the tribe of priests within the family of man, with B'nai Noah as coreligionists with different obligations.

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