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  אייר 26, 5765 , 04/06/05

Injured Soldiers Loses Sight in His Left Eye

(IsraelNN.com) An IDF soldier injured in his left eye Friday during a violent anti-security fence protest has lost the vision in the eye. Despite efforts by doctors at Tel Aviv’s Tel HaShomer Hospital, they were not unable to reverse the damage to the eye, leaving the visually impaired.

Hundreds of Arabs and left-wing radicals pelted soldiers with rocks and other objects near Bilin, in the Modi’in area, in what has become a regular activity in the area. The protestors were encouraged by MK (Ta’al) Dr. Ahmed Tibi, who accused soldiers of injuring him lightly in the protest as they made attempts to restore order. The protests surround their opposition to the ongoing construction of the counter-terrorism security fence in the area.

IDF Major Ronen Tamim during an Army Radio interview stated the military agreed to a request by Tibi, permitting them to conduct a quiet prayer service at the location. As they approached the conclusion of the service, they began provocative shouts at soldiers which were followed by the rock attacks.
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