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  Tamuz 29, 5764 , 18/07/04

Intended Suicide Bombing Attack in Jerusalem?s Caffit Caf?

(IsraelNN.com) The gag order on the investigation has been lifted, permitting the release of the story surrounding last week’s intended suicide bombing attack.

Hevron Hamas terrorist Maliq Nasser A-Din was at the entrance to Jerusalem’s Caffit Caf? on Sunday evening July 11th, ready to perpetrate a suicide bombing attack. For reasons that remain a mystery, he decided not to carry out the attack and he left the area, making his way back to Hevron.

A-Din was transported from Hevron to Abu Dis. The bomb intended for use in the attack was smuggled into the area in a carton of cookies. Three persons assisted him in Abu Dis, arming him with a handgun and dressing him in the suicide bomb vest. From there, he traveled to the Wadi Joz neighborhood in the eastern capital, where they changed cars. His driver was now a Jerusalem Arab resident who with his Israeli identity card was less likely to encounter difficulties moving about. He was then transported to Emek Refaim Street in the Germany Colony neighborhood where the terrorists parted from one another. A-Din was to approach the security guard outside the busy caf?, shoot him, and then run inside and blow himself up.

After changing his mind, he managed to leave the area despite the heavy police presence. Intelligence information prompted a terror alert that evening and the capital was closed down while security forces attempted to avert a bombing attack, unaware the terrorist was a number of meters from his intended target. On Wednesday, A-Din made another attempt but security was too high and he was unable to reach his intended target. Security forces apprehended his three accomplices in Abu Dis. Their interrogations led security agents to Hamas in Hevron. Last Thursday (July 15th), soldiers surrounded the home of A-Din in Hevron and he was shot dead attempting to flee the area.

Security officials are now concerned, realizing terrorists may be deploying yet a new tactic, to shoot a security guard outside a cafe in the hope of gaining entry to a crowded enclosed area rather than blow themselves up outdoors.

In March 2002, a terrorist entered the caf? asking for a glass of water. A security guard spotted wires protruding from his garment and ran towards him, pushing him outside the caf? and subduing him. He was placed under arrest.
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